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The shape of things to come: Shadow Box Jacket in black and white

There’s always one that gives you headaches and sleepless nights.  For me it was Shadow, not only the alpaca, but this design.  It’s been a long time in the creative process, but I’m happy that I persevered.  Made in our … Read More

The shape of things to come, Obi Easy Top

I thought that new knitters would like something easy to make and so came up with this really simple to knit top.  Flattering, understated and by layering, not just for the summer.  Made in my new worsted spun yarn, this … Read More

The shape of things to come, Ophelia Top

This cable and lace top is so versatile in how it can be worn to create a different look as well as going over practically anything from a swimsuit to evening dress.  It is made using my gorgeous worsted spun … Read More

The shape of things to come, Ophelia Camisole

I’m just adding the finishing touches to my new collection being launched at the end of this month.
Firstly Ophelia – designed as a two-piece ensemble, made using my gorgeous worsted spun yarn.  At 270m per 100g, it goes a long … Read More

Errata for Mayan

Oops, sometimes things are missed and it is only by someone like you letting us know that we can correct a pattern error.
Mayan: On Rounds 6 and 12 one of the graded numbers are missing.  This is what it should … Read More

Sewing up service

Tracy C asked me to put her Mdina together and this is what I did.  On receiving her jacket back, Tracy said “It looks stunning, thank you so much, worth every penny”.  I really enjoy finishing things off and making … Read More

Remodelling Knitwear

Sometimes ideas just don’t work.  This happened recently with a new Champagne Top with a lace and cable pattern.  It just didn’t hang right and I’d made the neck way too big.  As it was all knitted in one piece, … Read More

One woman and her sink – part II

I got bored.  I used laundry bags and the washing machine….

I did use 2nd grade fleece to test this

And it is lovely and clean

These two rolled and, conceptually, maybe a forerunner of a draught excluder; however, in the meantime, does … Read More

Alpaca Fibre Analysis and how it relates to my breeding programme

All my fleeces have now been skirted; this is when all the rough edges and second cuts are removed, debris is taken out and the remainder is weighed.  I usually bag colours and staple lengths together so that it is … Read More

War on Plastic by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani

Bit shocking this programme, but the reason I’m mentioning it here is because of acrylic fibres being made of plastic.  The programme showed how these fibres shed and are launched into the air we breathe and that there isn’t any … Read More

The latest in my sewing up service

I’ve just finished sewing up a cardigan for Caroline in Stockbridge and she’s delighted with it and said:
“You’ve done a lovely job, it’s so neat!
This cost £35.00 + postage

Read More

One Woman and her sink!

The alpacas have been sheared and for the first time, I’ve decided to hand prepare the fleece.  The reason is that I want this batch to be woollen spun into our Medium yarn and Paul at Halifax Spinning needs washed … Read More